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March 10, 2007


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    TravelPig Exchange

    Got a TravelPig which you’d like to pass onto another traveller ? Then,

    1. Register your pig by Clicking Here !
    2. Folks can then apply for your pig.
    3. When someone applies, an email is sent to you giving the applicant’s name, email and their travel destination.
    4. You email them back and sort out how to exchange the TravelPig.
    5. The pig continues its journey.
    6. You click the “Del” button to remove the pig from the TravelPig Exchange.

    Want a TravelPig ? Then,

    1. Apply for a pig by clicking the “Apply” button.
    2. The current holder will then email you, so you can both sort out the exchange.
    3. You receive the pig, go on your travels and tell us all about it.
    4. Hand the TravelPig on to someone else whilst you’re away, or register it here on the TravelPig exchange.

    You’ll probably be asked by the current holder for your mailing address so the pig can be sent to you, if you feel uncomfortable about giving out your address consider using your work or college address instead.

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